A.M. Yoga for Your Week

Yoga-star Rodney Yee’s new DVD gives us no excuses for not waking up and doing yoga every morning. You won’t get bored as the DVD contains five different yoga sessions, allowing you to choose from standing poses, twists, backbends, forward bends or hip opening poses. You can easily fit yoga into your busy day with each practice being only 20-minutes long, and unlike other 20-minute yoga videos, these sessions all end with a proper shavasana/relaxation pose.Rodney delivers clear, descriptive and detailed voiceover instructions, and this DVD includes a unique option to choose between detailed or minimal audio instructions for the yoga sequences. The production and eco-packaging of this DVD are excellent and the video is beautifully filmed against the backdrop of the Glen Canyon in Arizona. An extensive, informative and passionate interview with Rodney is included in the bonus options which should not be missed. With the exceptional support, motivation, encouragement and ease of use this DVD is an excellent resource for those who wish to establish a daily home practice.

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