A Rare and Precious Thing

This beautifully written book details the possibilities and pitfalls of working with a spiritual teacher through the stories and profiles of eight well-known teachers. Each page is filled with fascinating and engaging stories of these uncommon teachers with honest, personal and revealing comments on their relationships with their path, students and community. From a ninety-year-old Circassian teacher of Sufism to the nineteenth-generation keeper of the sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe of the Lakota, Kain details how teachers of diverse practices have all challenged and reinterpreted their traditions as well as overcome their personal obstacles and hardships. The pertinent information on finding and evaluating a teacher is effortlessly woven throughout these inspiring stories, and relevant tidbits of wisdom for anyone on the spiritual path are sprinkled throughout the book. Overall, reading this book gives one the unquestionable realization that all religions and all spiritual paths do indeed lead to the same place.

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