Beyond: Buddhist and Christian Prayers

Yoga MusicHauntingly beautiful and deeply spiritual, this Cd was inspired by the Dalai Lama’s message to cultivate and deepen one’s own religion as well as to search for shared values across all belief systems.  Three spiritually committed performers have found a common ground through the singing of one’s daily prayers, and through this project they have deepened their love, compassion and connection for each other.

Dechen Shak-Dagsay and Tina Turner chant Tibetan and Buddhist mantras in Sanksrit while Regula Curti sings Christian prayers in Latin, and these chants and prayers are magically woven together and layered on top of a gorgeous instrumental soundtrack of strings, bells, gongs and drums. The Cd includes a beautiful 36 page booklet filled with beautiful photographs, spiritual messages and the translations and stories behind the chants. This quote from the liner notes sums up my experience with listening to these songs: “We experience the immense power of deep spirituality whenever we chant together although each one is praying fully in his own tradition.”  Amen to that!

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Watch a great interview with Tina Turner about the Beyond album:


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