Bowls by Oceanhouse Media

Use your fingertip on this iPhone/iTouch application to ring Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, bells, and tingsha cymbals. Most impressive is the ability to rub your finger over the edge of the bowl to make it ring with a highly resonate and authentic tone. There are seven pages in the app and each page includes a singing bowl (one for each chakra) plus one additional gong or chime.

You can swipe from page to page to ring several bowls, gongs, bells and chimes together, creating your own mystical and magical soundscapes. The rendering of the bowls is visually and sonically stunning, with beautiful photos of the instruments, amazing sound samples, and a cool animation effect when you swirl your finger around the edges of the bowls. We are excited to see what other apps will be published by Oceanhouse Media, a new upstart company dedicated to “building exceptional products that educate, uplift, enlighten and heal the planet.” They are expecting to launch 5-9 additional apps at the end of May.

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