Breath-Centered Yoga with Leslie Kaminoff

The Breath-Centered Yoga DVD is one of the most unique yoga video programs I’ve seen in a while. The four yoga sequences were designed specifically to not cause any stress on the upper limbs, and this makes the practice suitable for students with shoulder, elbow or wrist issues. As the title suggests, the breath is emphasized throughout the practice: you are instructed to move with the breath through dynamic sequences of poses rather than static holding.

Kaminoff teaches with a very individualized approach and gives modifications for four different types of students/bodies. And this individualized approach is further emphasized by including five alternate audio tracks of alignment details and commentary for each type of student. Four separate practices, from 18 to 29 minutes long, are available to use individually or with the "Program Your Session" menu option that lets you to program and play any of the four sequences to your choosing. The only quibble I can find is that this DVD was recorded in standard and not high definition, which has become the new norm for yoga DVDs.

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