Bringing Up the Sun Yoga CD

Listening to this gentle to moderate level yoga CD you can hear the love, time and dedication that went into this two year creation.  Produced and recorded by a husband and wife team, this 80-minute Kripalu yoga practice is sweet yet powerful, and is set against a simple yet beautiful drum, flute and piano soundtrack. Allison has a calming, supporting and nurturing soft voice and she instructs with clear and precise instruction that creates a deep level of introspection.

The CD is divided into four separate tracks that can be practiced
together or individually and the instruction is set at a slow mindful
pace that is easy to follow.  The last track is a 26-minute yoga nidra
relaxation experience, and this would a wonderful track to practice
individually at the end of a busy day.  Being familiar with Ujjayi and
Kapalabhati pranayamas as well as kumbhaka (breath retention) will be helpful
as they are led several times in the CD.

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