Buddha’s Brain by Rick Hanson

Buddha's Brain by Rick HansonThis fascinating book describes how meditation practices can literally change our minds.  Hanson uses neuroanatomy, physiology and psychology to explain how the brain works in creating specific feelings and states of mind.  The bad news is that the brain and the body seem to be hardwired to create suffering.  The good news is that current research is showing that the brain is malleable and changeable, and it is changed by how we use it.
Likewise, the structure and biochemistry of the brain determines what
types of thoughts and emotions can be created in our minds. Citing
scientific research, Hanson shows how we can consciously work to
re-wire our brains to produce peace, happiness, kindness and compassion
through time tested Buddhist meditation practices. This is a great book
for anyone interested in meditation, especially for someone who wants
to understand what is physically and chemically happening in the brain
during different states of meditation, thought, and emotion.

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