Chakra Balancing Yoga with Sharon Gannon

I absolutely love the artistic production of the DVDs from Acacia, and the latest yoga video with Sharon Gannon is no exception. I turned on the music only option and spent several joyful minutes just watching and listening to the beautiful filming of Sharon doing her practice with the musicians playing harmonium, violin and tamboura. As with other Acacia DVDs, the bonus features are great. The 11-minute Secret teachings of Yoga lecture is incredibly well done and reveals Sharon’s passion for yoga and her sweet inner radiance.

Chakra Balancing Yoga is a one-hour practice exploring poses, mantras, and affirmations that activate and harmonize the chakras, the seven energy centers in the body. This is not your traditional yoga practice and this DVD is not geared towards beginners. Instructions on how to do the yoga poses is not given as the focus is on exploring the chakras from root to crown using specific yoga poses, bija (seed) mantras, and guided affirmations. But this DVD would be a great purchase for experienced practitioners who wish to add some depth to their practice and to explore the subtle energies of the body.

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