Chamber Music by Sissoko and Segal

Yoga MusicWhat happens when a French cellist and a Malian kora master (a kora is a 21-string African harp-lute) get together and make a recording?  Pure magic to one’s ears! This instrumental CD is intricate and complex, yet calming, soothing, captivating and mesmerizingly beautiful. Sissoko and Seagal take turns playing the compositions with their chosen instruments, with subtle shifts of each one taking the lead over the other.
 A few tracks have appearances by other musicians using the n’goni (traditional string instrument), the balafon (West African wooden xylophone), and the vocals of singer Awa Sangho. Most of the tracks have a slow tempo and a meditative vibe that will work great in a yoga class, or as a backdrop to meditation and contemplation.

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Check out their video performance below:


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