Contact: The Yoga of Relationship

While there are several partner yoga books in print, none of them come as close to capturing the spirit and communicating the essence of this practice as Contact: The Yoga of Relationship. This beautiful coffee table sized book is filled with huge black and white photos, many of famous yoga teachers, taken in a candid, naturally expressive style. In the first part, general practice guidelines are given and the structure of the second section is described through the primary qualities of the chakra system: trust, passion, commitment, love, communication, vision and union. These seven “points of contact” are each given a chapter in the second section, with guidelines for incorporating each concept, as well as partner poses and exercises that develop these qualities. Short inspirational quotes are sprinkled throughout the pages that further highlight the concepts and ideas presented. And while there are step-by-step instructions for many of the poses, this work serves more as an inspiration, expression and statement of the joy, beauty and depth of partner yoga rather than a how-to guide. Purchase Contact: The Yoga of Relationship by Tara Guber

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