Core Fusion: Energy Flow Yoga DVD

This DVD is billed as an as "energetic, fast-paced practice” and an “intense total-body workout," and that certainly is an apt description of this 50-minute routine. Core Fusion is a unique combination of core conditioning, Pilates, the Lotte Berk Method, interval cardio training and yoga. Interval cardio training feels like the primary influence on this DVD, so this would be a perfect workout for someone who enjoys the pace and challenge of gym-style workouts.

If you come from a yoga background you may find the fast tempo dance music soundtrack, the reps of pushups and movement pulses, and the tone of the instruction to be a bit jarring. But this combination of different movement practices and techniques certainly makes this program interesting and challenging, and a unique and physically engaging workout DVD.
The instructions are clear, modifications are shown, and the more
complex movements are demonstrated on a model, but with the fast pace of
the movements this practice will be best suited for those with previous
experience in yoga. There are 6 sections of the DVD that can be
practiced separately for shorter workouts: Energy Flow, Sun Salutation
Part 1, Sun Salutation Part 2 (variations with standing poses), Chi Gong
& Hip Opener Stretches, Core & Gluteal, Savasana &

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Check out a clip from the DVD below:


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