Creative Core and Upper Body with Shiva Rea

Practicing 108 pushups in this tough and challenging yoga program sounds intimidating (and a little crazy), but it is surprisingly quite doable due to the modifications, relaxed do-what-you-can attitude, and the calming, soothing, and encouraging voice of master instructor Shiva Rea. The first segment of this program is the hardest, the Agni Namaskar (fire salutation) that includes the 108 pushups. The pushups are broken up into 9 sets of 12, making them much more manageable, especially with the sweet resting pose immediately following them.Shiva Rea keeps you engaged through the fire salutation sequence by using different variations of the poses, primarily by incorporating many different arm positions. The second sequence “Creative Core” is focused on abdominal strengthening exercises that emphasize fluid movements, breathing and creativity. This is followed by a short guided shavasana for the third segment. This 35-minute video program will certainly “sculpt your abs, arms, and shoulders” and is definitely guaranteed to make you feel sore the next day.

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