Daily Energy – Vinyasa Flow Yoga by Shiva Rea

Yoga-star Shiva Rea has released a new DVD geared especially for yogi/nis who wish to have a daily practice but don’t have much time. Seven 20-minute sequences can be practiced by themselves or can be stringed together and combined with two different meditations, a shorter core or forward bend sequence, and a guided shavasana. There are three options for choosing your practice on this DVD: choose a single sequence, choose a preset practice (2-4 sequences combined), or for the ultimate customization use the yoga matrix to mix together specific practices of your choosing. These options give an great amount of customization for the length, intensity and type of yoga poses for your practice.

This DVD will be most appropriate for experienced beginners and intermediate practitioners due to the complexity and intensity of the majority of the sequences as well as due to the occasional lack of detail in the verbal cues. With some experience you will be able to choose the sections and sequences that fit your level of ability, but it will be helpful to know that the Fire, Fire-Water and Heart-Air practices are the most advanced and challenging on the DVD. Shiva Rea offers a lot of new material on this DVD and the creative variations, unusual poses, and different ways to flow in and out of the poses makes these sequences fun and engaging.

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