Deva Premal Sings the Moola Mantra

It seems the latest trend in chanting Cds is to use only one mantra for the whole Cd with different tracks further exploring and developing the mantra. For Deva Premal this has resulted in an exquisite recording and a great music soundtrack for yoga, meditation and healing. The mantra used is long enough to give the recording depth and interest while short enough to make it attainable to chant along with.Renowned producer and musician Ben Leinbach’s influence is clearly stated through the arrangement of long beautiful gaps of instrumental solos and variations in the singing of the mantra. Deva and her partner Miten handle all of the vocals and are accompanied by several famous kirtan/world music musicians including Jai Uttal on the dotar, Manose on the Bansuri flute, and Benjy Wertheimer on the esraj.

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