Emergence 2012 by Alex Theory

Yoga MusicThis inspiring and peaceful Cd is a collaboration between ambient-sound technician Alex Theory and philosopher-journalist Daniel Pinchbeck. The intention behind these compositions is to express a positive vision of the Mayan 2012 prophecy, and to prepare the listener to enter into a new realization of time, space and being. But buying into this prophecy is not required to enjoy and appreciate this finely crafted South American ambient soundtrack.Psychoacoustic rhythms are combined with the chants of ayahuasca shamans, drums, flutes and natural harmonics to create a mesmerizing and deeply absorbing Cd. These rhythms start off slow and then gradually build with each track, which makes the first half of the Cd great for shavasana, meditation and relaxation, and the second half useable for a gentle yoga practice. The enclosed booklet gives a fascinating introduction to the philosophy and mathematics that have been used to create these compositions.

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