Enlighten Up!

Yogini and filmmaker Kate Churchill set out to capture how the transformative powers of yoga would effect a new practitioner in this superb documentary.   She follows Nick, an out of work journalist, as he takes his first yoga classes in the hip yoga studios of New York and as he explores the devotional aspects of yoga in India.  Nick is charming, inquisitive, and skeptical of the possibility that yoga can enlighten him.  Kate is passionate and unfailing in her desire for yoga to transform Nick, and this eventually leads to a conflict that was courageously shown in the film.  These small segments of drama add a bit of spice to the film’s main focus of showing the vast world of yoga through the eyes of a beginner.

The film also serves to document the current state of yoga around the world through interacting with many famous teachers: B.K.S. Iyengar, Pattabhi Jois, Sharon Gannon, David Life, Gurmukh, Dharma Mitra, Cyndi Lee, Alan Finger, and Rodney Yee. The photography, soundtrack and editing are all top notch, and just the right amount of humor is sprinkled in to make this DVD an engaging and very enjoyable watch.

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  1. i’m interested in watching the parts about “the current state of yoga around the world” as well as the photography. seems like the type of film that everybody can learn from, not just beginners. a good asset to any yogini’s video library.

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