Eyes Wide Open by Mariana Caplan

This illuminating and captivating book by psychologist Mariana Caplan explores the practice of discernment on the spiritual path.  Through interviewing thousands of spiritual teachers and practitioners Caplan has uncovered the common traps of modern spirituality and the methods to avoid them. This honest look at the challenges of the spiritual path encourages the reader to carefully examine their spiritual practice as well as their psyche. Caplan’s main message is that psychological transformation and spiritual awakening are inseparably one process, and when this process becomes fragmented problems arise.  She illustrates this most clearly through the stories of fallen teachers and guru scandals, but she is insistent that we all have the same weaknesses to overcome and the same dark places to befriend.

I found the most illuminating, interesting and helpful chapters to be:
Spiritually Transmitted Diseases (what they are, how to test for and
remedy them), Psychology of the Ego (healthy ego development and the
nature of projection), and Demystifying the Shadow (overcoming our fear
of the shadow and how to work with it).  While there is an overwhelming
amount of information given, the book ends a simple and sweet call to
action: “The Divine has sent you a love letter, written in the form of
your life. Will you receive it? How will you respond?”

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  1. What a stunning book this must be … and no greater time for it to appear than during the upcoming darkness of Winter.

  2. I have found yoga and spiritual enlightement to be of great karmic value during all my life. I think with the current stressful times and possible upcoming stressful times the need for spiritual enlightenment in a persons life I feel will become greater. I am always searching and sometimes finding the inner calmness and feelings of peace that I seek. We all need to feel the goodness of the earth and sometimes that is something that needs introspection and solitude. I am thinking that the more you delve into the spiritual the more it becomes your life.

  3. This book sounds very interesting. I am currently studing to become a yoga teacher and am seeking as much information as possible.

  4. I would love to win a copy of this book. I was most interested in that there is a chapter on “Spiritually Transmitted Diseases.” Now that sounds like something new and different to write about.


  5. It is unfortunate that some people lose themselves on the quest to find themselves. I have seen this happen several times to people I have known in my life (especially when money meets spirituality) This book would be a great insight into this concept as well as a great addition to my collection :) I look forward to this read!


  6. As I enter into the dark months of winter ahead and the stirring up of depression that I suffer more strongly at this time of year (I live outside of Chicago), this book would be a welcomed tool on my bedside table. Peace.

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