Flow of Grace

In this latest recording, Krishna Das has devoted 2 Cds to singing songs to Hanuman, the monkey warrior, primarily through different versions of the Hanuman Chalisa. The “Chalisa” is a famous Hindi poem praising Hanuman for his devotion, service, strength, and compassion and also reminding him of his great Divine powers. On the first Cd, different melodies and arrangements of the Chalisa are on six tracks, with the seventh being a fun upbeat Indian folk song on the story of Hanuman finding Prince Ram’s beloved wife. On the second Cd are 2 tracks that are to be used to learn how to pronounce the complicated 40-verse Chalisa, so you can eventually sing along with the first Cd. The words to the Chalisa are also transliterated and translated in the extensive 28-page liner notes, which also includes Krishna Das describing his experience learning this prayer, the story of Hanuman, and the practice of singing the Chalisa. Even if you choose to not tackle the ability to sing the Chalisa in its entirety, this Cd is still a joy to listen to, and is a must-have for the Krishna Das fan.

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