Gratitude Joy by Anugrah & Avgerinos

At the surface this hour long single track seems overly simple and potentially boring with its repetitive chanting of the same three mantras: Om, Hari Om, and Shiva Om. But the repetition of the mantras and instrumentation serves to mesmerize and to bring one into a slight trance state. This Cd works especially well when played low as background music, but when played a bit louder will draw your awareness deep into the resonate and harmonic layers of vocals and sound.The instrumentation is sparse, with tabla, tambura dominating, but appropriately accented and filled out with subtle guitar, bells and other percussion. The intention behind the Cd is of Gratitude and Joy, which is present in the beautiful execution of this recording. This slow, soothing and hypnotic Cd is an excellent soundtrack for all types of yoga classes, and works equally well for healing work, meditation and other spiritual practices.

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