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If you are new to meditation or just enjoy guided meditations then one of the 3 iPhone/iTouch apps from Mental Workout should appeal to you. Mindfulness Meditation, Be Happy Now, and Open Your Heart all have a similar interface that is simple to use and beautiful to look at.  The main screen gives you the option to choose which guided meditation practice you wish to use, and tapping one of them takes you to the audio player page with a simple play/pause, forward and back buttons and an info screen to read about the meditation.
The audio tracks are professionally recorded and are spoken by writer
Stephan Bodian.  The Mindfulness Meditation app is the simplest of the
three with only two choices: a 10-minute deep relaxation meditation or
a 5, 10, 15 or 20-minute mindfulness meditation.  Be Happy Now and Open Your Heart both include a mindfulness meditation, but it is a set
length of about 20 minutes, like all of the other meditations on these
apps.  The other meditations on Be Happy Now are Peaceful Place,
Gratitude, Compassion, as well as shorter (2 minute) “bonus”
meditations of Doing the Work, Fresh Eyes and Half Smile.  The other
meditations on Open Your Heart are: Forgiveness, Gratitude and
Lovingkindness. The meditations are simple and straightforward enough
that anyone can do, but are not dumbed down in any way that would put
off someone with a greater experience with meditation. These are well
produced apps that have already been updated and improved several times
based on customer feedback.

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  1. I would recommend the following Meditaion APPS
    These really work – I use them every day and have for years !!!

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