Healthy Aging

Originally aired on PBS, this 85-minute program dispels the common cultural myths on aging, and replaces these with a healthy positive outlook on the aging process. Dr. Weil is an exceptional speaker with the ability to convey both scientific studies and personal observations in a clear, entertaining and engaging way. While he only mentions yoga and yogic breathing exercises a few times in the program, much of his 12-Point Program clearly reflects yogic values and principles: positive mental outlook, healthy diet with predominance of whole grains and vegetables, stress management, and moderation. Although much of this information we have heard before, Dr. Weil presents his advice in an uplifting manner and at the same time backs it with scientific studies and rational theories. His goal is not only to extend one’s lifespan, but most importantly to live a long, healthy and happy life. The bonus material includes a short biography, ideas for creating a walking labyrinth, the yogic breathing techniques, how to create an ethical will and additional questions from the audience. Purchase Healthy Aging by Dr. Andrew Weil

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