Heart Full of Soul by Krishna Das

Yoga MusicOn Krishna Das’s latest live 2-disk CD, he revisits many recorded favorites and includes a few new ones, including the lively gospel song “Jesus on the Mainline”. While this recording has a similar vibe to his first live CD, Live on Earth, it has more of a spacious feel to it, with more overall reverb and a larger sounding chorus. It is also interesting to compare the two recordings to see how Krishna Das has subtly changed over the 9 years between them.Heart Full of Soul has Krishna Das’s current touring musicians performing with the addition of a few other musicians playing bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar and drum kit. This gives this recording a large full band sound, and seems more of a traditional rock sound than Live on Earth. The tempo and energy build through songs as typical with a live kirtan performance, but overall Heart Full of Soul is a bit more mellower than Live on Earth.

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