Insight Yoga by Sarah Powers

Yoga:  The Greater TraditionYoga-star Sarah Powers first book blends the theory and practice of Hatha Yoga, Chinese meridian therapy and Buddhist meditation into a fascinating exploration of the body, breath, mind and energy. The primary focus and bulk of this book is on the practice of Yin Yoga, which holds passive poses for extended time periods to stretch the deeper connective tissues of the body and to activate the twelve energy meridians. Sarah explains the meridian system in their traditional organ pairs, introducing the energetic actions and effects of the organ meridians followed by a Yin Yoga practice session.This is certainly a book to explore and experiment with taking one chapter at a time to practice and embody these techniques and concepts. The later chapters of the book cover the use of yang poses, pranayama and mediation as well as how to incorporate these practices with the previous yin poses and sequences.

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  1. This book was an excellent resource for a blending of Indian and Chinese energy practices. It gave complete description of poses and information on Budhism. The pranyama section was very good. I would recommend this book.

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