Loveland: Music for Dreaming & Awakening

When I first listened to the instructional Cd Pranayama, I instantly longed to be able to just listen to the amazing soundtrack by Jai Uttal and Ben Leinbach. In Loveland, my wish has been more than granted as this soundtrack has been reinvented, remixed and edited to produce an amazingly peaceful and sweet hour-long voyage into spirit and inner peace. These beautiful and mystic chants by Jai and his wife Nubia float above a mystical, resonate and complex interweaving of ambient soundscapes. Jai and Ben play a wide array of instruments and are joined by the amazing bansuri flute playing of Manose, and the hypnotic tablas of Daniel Paul. Add Loveland to your collection of great Cds to use for yoga, massage and other healing arts.

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