Meditation for the Love of It

Meditation for the Love of ItIf you have become disheartened and discouraged with meditation, then I highly recommend you read this newly revised book by Sally Kempton. This book is sure to give you some new passion and excitement to go and sit on your meditation cushion. Even if your meditation practice is completely free from dullness and drudgery, Meditation for the Love of It is an amazing resource, guide and inspiration for all levels of meditators.

Kempton writes clearly and simply and relates the wisdom of ancient teachings and scriptures to real-world applications. She tells us that the two key attitudes in sustaining a daily practice are playfulness and devotion, and she shares guidance and instruction in over twenty meditation practices for invoking and exploring those qualities. Most importantly, Kempton gives both the permission and encouragement to experiment and be creative with the practice and content of one’s daily meditation practice.

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  1. Can’t say I’m disheartened or discouraged, but am always looking for inspiration both personally and professionally to share with my students.

  2. I am only at the very beginning of the meditation road… and would love a little trail of wisdom to follow!

  3. I love the practice portion of Yoga Basic as it has help to not only teach me proper technique on postures that I have had difficulty working through, it shows great ways to breathe into the poses. I also have found some great reference books here on yoga basics.

  4. I believe that the natural positive response to practicing Yoga and meditation cures many problems for any sector of the population. Children should be practicing Yoga as part of any schools athletic program, making Yoga a life practice for everyone.

  5. I am very new to yoga and meditation; however, found that it is crucial for my busy lifestyle. In my career, I am always helping others. In this process, I’ve realized that I have to help myself to be happy and healthy. Any guidance would be helpful…

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