MPG Sport Fall Yoga Clothes

MPG PantsEvery so often something really cool comes along that blows my socks off and I have to talk about it.  This is one of those times. I’ve been sporting some upscale yoga clothing lately that is simply divine. It’s from MPG Sport and boy, oh boy, I have to admit, I’m loving these items.

Now, I have to make a confession.  I am not one of those yoga teachers who jumps onto or into the latest and greatest yoga clothing. In fact, I always shop the discount racks for yoga pieces that I do my best to mix and match with whatever I happen to come up with that’s not retail price.  However, as luck and good karma would have it and because I not only write about what’s happening in the Yoga world for YogaBasics but also do “yoga gear” reviews, I got to try out some items from the MPG Sport Fall line.

This is where my story really begins and like I said….boy, oh boy.

First of all, there are yoga pants and then there are MPG yoga pants. I didn’t realize the distinction until I put on a pair. These fit perfectly snug in all the right areas but with no bunching or pulling or wrinkling in the wrong areas. They feel substantial and apparently look great. Every single time I’ve worn them, I’ve received compliments. I’ve been sporting the Pivot pant. They hit just below the knee and have a short slit from the back of the calf to the back of the knee so there’s no constriction when moving into downdog splits or any asana that requires straightening or bending the knee. Plus they are lined with a smokin’ hot magenta color that’s zippy and fun.

The tops are oh so yummy as well.  The Fleet top in black has become a staple in my yoga wardrobe. I wear it…a lot. It has that same substantial feel of the pants with just the right amount of sexy thrown in with this little peek a boo slit for extra ventilation but is not in any way revealing. I can wear it when teaching yoga classes without worry that it’s too low cut. I tend to like my yoga tanks a little on the longer side so they don’t ride up and this one stays put which to my way of thinking is an added bonus.

Now, there’s also the Tandem top in magenta that is absolutely a favorite of mine. It is buttery soft to the touch and doesn’t feel like any yoga top I’ve ever worn. It’s something I’d wear out with jeans in the summer because it doesn’t look like a traditional yoga top. It has a longer length and a draw string bottom. The top is fitted but it has a nice blousy feel through the waist.  I like to wear it in my slower paced yoga classes where I’m not flipping upside down or moving through a really vigorous vinyasa sequence and when the weather warms a little I will most assuredly be wearing it around town with jeans and flip flops!

There’s one other product that I’m talking a lot about these days and wearing every single day whether I’m on the way to yoga or to hit the trails – the Trek jacket. It’s a fitted jacket made from micro fleece in black. It has an off center zipper and zips all the way up to a turtle neck. There are thumb holes to keep the sleeves low on the wrists for added warmth and it is cut a little longer in the back. It has this swanky reflective detail making it great for any active lifestyle.  I wear this jacket literally everywhere – yoga, hiking, biking, running errands, to games…anytime I need a light weight jacket. It also looks sleek and stylish.

My items came with a little MPG card called the “Experience Card.” The card entitles the recipient 25% off online purchases as a way to introduce people to the experience of the MPG brand.  Whoa…nice! It’s those little added surprise bonuses and the extra personal touch that make me feel kind of warm and fuzzy about this company.

Will I be ordering other items? Oh yes, it’s a definite.  

How about you? What’s your experience been with MPG Sport or any other upscale yoga clothing line?

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