One Shared Heart by Kristin Luna Ray

Yoga MusicWhat you notice first about this kirtan/chant album are the beautiful vocals. Luna’s singer-songwriter background is evident in her masterfully controlled and emotive voice. The backup harmonies and the subtle, yet lush, choir add further richness and depth. The instrumentation on this album is equally fantastic, with an elegant blend of Eastern and Western instruments.

Acoustic guitar and harmonium are the primary instruments, with the harmonium used mostly as a background drone. Piano, cello, violin, electric bass, flute, oud, dotar, tabla, drum kit, and frame drum are interwoven and arranged in a beautiful sonic tapestry. Two tracks have a distinctive world music genre: reggae on Shankara Shiva (incorporating some Bob Marley lyrics), and middle eastern on Govinda Narayana. Several national kirtan musicians, including Wah!, Girish, and Alvin Young, play on the album. If you are a fan of kirtan music then this CD is definitely worth a checking out.

Purchase One Shared Heart by Kristin Luna Ray (MP3).

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