Power Flow Yoga by Shiva Rea

This is the first “best of” compilation yoga DVD that I’ve seen, with Shiva Rea repackaging previously filmed yoga sequences in a unique and interesting way.  Thirteen yoga sequence segments are available to mix and match to create your own yoga practice via the acclaimed “yoga matrix” menu, or you can choose from three preset combo practices at 50-57 minutes long. If you are a fan and collector of Shiva Rea’s previous yoga DVDs then you may be disappointed at the lack of new material, but if you are new to her style then this is a good overview to her previous recordings, and the three hours of material will keep you busy for a while.
  I was a little disappointed that this compilation DVD did not have
it’s own introduction with Shiva Rea, as it would have been interesting
to hear the inspiration behind this and to have a summary of the preset

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