Prana Groove by Stevin McNamara

Yoga MusicOn Stevin McNamara’s latest CD, he combines his beautiful acoustic guitar playing with a lively blend of world percussion.  The melodies on these songs are based on Rag Malkauns, one of the most beautiful, popular and ancient of the ragas (a melodic framework based on a series of five or more musical notes) in Hindustani Classical music. The music tempo is 108 beats per minute, and there are 108 interwoven musical phrases throughout the 60-minute recording.

 108 is a very sacred number in India and reflects the Eastern influences on these compositions, and 108 is also an upbeat tempo that is suited to an active yoga practice or a chill dance session.  If you want to create an amazing playlist for a long yoga practice, mix these tracks with some of the mellower tracks from Stevin’s excellent Om Guitar CD.

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