Pranakriya Yoga Workout Class

This 78-minute audio CD was specifically created for experienced and athletic yogi/nis who are wanting a workout yoga experience. No instruction is given for the pranayama practices, so it is assumed you know and are comfortable with practicing Ujjayi, Kapalabhati and breath retention. The practice is comprised of three modified sun salutes with several challenging balance poses and core strengthening poses added in.  The hold times on the poses are on the long side which make the practice challenging, yet Yoganand gives permission to modify the poses or to not hold as long.  
Yoganand’s voice is soft, calm and compassionate, and he gives detailed instructions with clear cues throughout the session. The CD’s soundtrack is the sound of the Ujjayi breath, which works both as an encouragement to use Ujjayi pranayama as well as creating a subtle focusing effect. The CD comes with fold out poster of the program to give you a visual reference to the audio instructions. If you are looking for a challenging audio practice to strengthen your body and increase your prana then Pranakriya Yoga Workout Class is a great choice.

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Disclaimer: I have trained extensively with Yoganand and have recently completed his Pranakriya 500hr Yoga Teacher Training program.

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