Everyday Yoga by Sage Rountree

Everyday Yoga by Sage Rountree

Everyday Yoga is a wonderful resource for creating and supporting a home based yoga practice. In the first section, “Building Your Everyday Practice,” Sage Rountree offers guidelines for using the book and practicing yoga. The next section, “Everyday Yoga Routines,” contains short yoga sequence blocks with illustrations including warm-ups, cool-downs and specific routines for strength, flexibility and balance. The third section combines these short sequences together for longer “Everyday Yoga Practices,” that focus on gaining strength and flexibility for the upper or lower body. The last section contains six short sample schedules for practicing yoga every day, every other day and twice per week.

This color coded, lay-flat book is well designed and organized. It’s simple to use, reference and navigate. Rountree provides frequent “sweeter” and “spicier” modifications to make the poses more accessible for beginning students or more challenging for advanced yogis. The yoga pose instructions are short and simple, so beginners may need to reference a dedicated yoga pose book (or YogaBasics’ online asana section) for more depth and safe alignment instruction. Still, Rountree’s book is incredibly helpful for creating and modifying yoga pose sequencing and providing inspiration for a home yoga practice.

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  1. I was interested in buyiny Every Day Yoga but the purchase info close to the information of the book took me to Amazon and purchase a different book, Pick Your Yoga… Very very confusing, fortunatly Amazon allows cancellations no kindle

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      Hi Cuca, I am so sorry about the link to the wrong book! I’ve fixed the link to direct to the Everyday Yoga book on Amazon.

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