Yoga for Breast Care by Bobby Clennell

yoga for breast care book

Bobby Clennell, author of the The Woman’s Yoga Book, writes a detailed yet easy to understand guide on how to use yoga poses to support breast health in her new book, Yoga for Breast Care. This slim paperback book is organized in five parts: “About the Breasts,” “Breast Problems,” “Yoga Poses for Breast Care,” “Practicing Yoga,” and “Everyday Breast Care.” The first two parts provide detailed anatomical and medical information to foster an understanding of the breasts and common breast problems. In the third part, Clennell explains 33 common yoga poses with multiple stages of engagement and ability, and details the use of yoga props for restorative options. Each pose is illustrated by the author with multiple two-color line drawings. The forth section contains yoga pose prescriptions for common breast conditions, and part five offers advice on breast care and lifestyle changes.

Yoga for Breast Care is thorough and detailed, yet easy to read, understand and practice. This book would make a wonderful addition to any woman’s yoga library.

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