Echoes of Devotion by Janet Stone & DJ Drez

Echoes of Devotion

Janet Stone’s debut album is a masterful blend of traditional kirtan chants and the funky electronica beats of DJ Drez. I love how these simple and repetitive chants have been transformed into a mesmerizing listening experience through the great arrangements and excellent production on this album. All 12 tracks are filled with joy, magic, inspiration and soul.

Echoes of Devotion was born in India when Drez used some live iPhone recordings of Stone’s yoga classes to create the first track, Hari Om. A few other tracks also include live class chanting while the rest of the CD was recorded in Drez’s studio in L.A. Guest artists include Marti Nikko on vocals, Eddie Young on bass and cello, and Marty Lieberman on sitar. DJ Drez adds an impressive array of electronic beats, tablas, flutes, keyboards and vocal and instrument samples to the mix. Stone’s vocals are clear, sweet and beautiful.

Stone was first introduced to Sanskrit mantras when she was a child by her Indian grandfather, but it was not until many years later that she fell in love with the practice. As a yoga teacher she has chanted these call-and-response mantras in classes for the past 15 years, which is evident by the potency of her devotion on this album. [hb_separator style=”normal”]

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