James by Lowercase Noises

James by Lowercase Noises

Recording artist Andrew Othling has created an album for each of his children as a gift upon their birth. James is the name of his fourth child and the title of Othling’s latest EP release under his band Lowercase Noises. This soothing and peaceful 25-minute sonic journey suitable for playing during yoga, and most of the tracks would be great for meditation, contemplation and massage/healing arts.

Othling is an ambient guitar master. James includes five tracks with layers of drones, washes and swells created by electric guitar passed thorough multiple reverb and delay petals. (If you are curious how Othling creates his ambient music check out his YouTube channel to view his live song sketches as well as his series of ambient guitar tutorials and effect pedal demos.) The beautiful compositions on James are accented with sparse keyboards, post-rock drums, and soothing cello and violin strings which add depth, interest, texture and emotion.

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Purchase (pay what you want) James by Lowercase Noises at bandcamp.com

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