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Reveal, the third album from Chris Bartels’ ambient project Elskavon, is a magical blend of beautiful sonic textures, slowly played piano and guitar, and sparsely placed post-rock drums. There is a deep feeling of fluidity and spaciousness on Reveal, perhaps due to the album having been composed in Minneapolis where water is abundant and the winters are cold, snowy and long. The synthesizer pads, guitar and piano are calming, soothing and mesmerizing, while the addition of percussion on several of the tracks adds an energizing, uplifting and driving force. All of the tracks are superbly produced and reflect Bartels’ experience writing music for film, television and online projects.

While not composed for yoga, the songs on Reveal work quite well as a supportive soundtrack for a yoga practice. If used for yoga, I would recommend rearranging the track list so that the drum tracks (especially April Rain and Imprints) are in the middle of the playlist.

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