Yoga MusicBeautifully produced, performed and recorded, this chanting CD is a magical journey and exploration of Sanskrit, English and Hebrew mantras and chants. Heather Wertheimer’s sweet and soothing vocals ebb and flow through elaborate and diverse compositions of world music instruments. Benjy Wertheimer leads the music on a variety of instruments, including esraj, tabla, djembe, congas, frame drum, keyboards, and harmonium, and provides backup vocals with his deep resonate voice.Heather and Benjy are joined by a group of guest artists including Krishna Das and Snatam Kaur on vocals, Steve Gorn and Manose on bamboo flute, and Jami Sieber on cello. Other instruments include guitar, sarod, bass, dijeridoo, tamboura, and the udu. The vocals on this CD are exquisite, as a chorus is present in many of the traditional call-and-response chants, and most of the songs have honey saturated harmonies and overlaying of vocals. Shantala’s second kirtan CD will certainly not disappoint fans of their first release, The Love Window, as Sri is a slightly more developed, refined and enchanting release.

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