Still the Mind by Bodhipaksa

Still the Mind is a true gem of an audio CD program.  If you have any interest in meditation, and especially if you are new or a beginner at meditation, I highly recommend that you check this title out.  It is worth buying just to hear Bodhipaksa’s calm, clear voice and beautiful Scottish accent guide you through these teachings.
(Fans of Bodhipaksa’s work should know that much of the material on this Cd has been released before in his other audio publications.) This 2-CD set gives clear, insightful and wise instruction to the basic Buddhist meditation techniques and is presented in a straightforward and conversational style. Four basic meditation techniques are taught (counting out breath, counting in breath, whole breath meditation, one pointedness meditation) with each practice building upon the next. The second CD has two longer guided practice sessions (body scan meditation and mindfulness breathing meditation) to go deeper into the experience of meditation, as well as to use for a regular meditation practice.

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