Ten Million Moons by Gaura Vani

Yoga MusicThis devotion soaked CD is remarkable blend of many different musical styles, musicians and instruments. Raised as a “Krishna kid,” Gaura Vani draws on his upbringing singing and playing traditional Sanskrit, Hindi, Bengali chants to the Hindu god Krishna.  This traditional Indian vibe is the uniting factor throughout this beautiful and passionately recorded and produced CD.  Gaura Vani  reminds me a bit of Jai Uttal’s voice as well as the intricate, funky and fun arrangements and instrumentation. 

Sleeping Soul (Jiv Jago) strikes me as the most amazing track on the
CD, and is certainly one of the best kirtan-gospel fusion songs I’ve
heard, complete with Hammond organ and choir. If you are a kirtan lover
this will make an excellent addition to your chanting CD collection.

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