The Athlete’s Pocket Guide to Yoga

The Athlete's Pocket Guide to YogaThis sweet little book is a delightful and abundant source of yoga pose sequences. Most of the 50 sequence routines are short (1-2 pages long), and are best used to either string a few of them together for a short practice or use one to spice up your personal practice. There are longer 1-hour focused routine sessions for strength, power, flexibility and focus at the back of the book, as well as three 20-minute flexibility routines to follow athletic workouts.The short sequences are grouped into sections of the types of poses or the areas of the body that they focus on: balance, standing, core, back, shoulders, hips, legs and restorative poses. This small book is spiral-bound, making it easy to reference, use and transport. The Athlete’s Pocket Guide to Yoga is a great resource for yoga teachers, as well as being an easy source of inspiration and guidance for creating yoga sequence routines for beginner to intermediate yogis.

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  1. I am always a yoga “beginner.” I am a five-year survivor of breast cancer & attended Rodney & Colleen Yee’s yoga weekend 2 years ago at the Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY. They made my experience “easy.” I hope to attend the Being Yoga weekend this Summer at Omega. I would absolutely love The Athlete’s Pocket Guide to Yoga for my home practice as well as when I attend free yoga classes at Gilda’s!

  2. You need to learn to be by ones self and quiet in order to get out in the crowds and the noise. For this I am so grateful for yoga!

  3. I was introduced to yoga by my Mom 30+ yrs ago as a young teen- the 1st 15 I dabbled with it – the last 15 I have been a teacher – 3 yrs ago a car accident obliterated my left femur – I was told I would never be able to walk without asistance if I could walk again at all. Months of hospital stays & surgeries left me in a real sorry state, but I turned to my yoga practice and gradually started to strengthen my leg now complete with a rod and screws. I am happy to say that 3 yrs later I am once again teaching yoga. A bonus to my injuries is that I discovered chair yoga and now teach on the mat, on a chair and even in the water – I feel truly blessed and grateful to have such an awesome Mom who gave me such a gift!

  4. Hey, everyone. I’m also new to yoga, and extremely pleased with the results gained by minimal effort. (my kinda health benefit) I’m on the path of learning more and trying new technique that’ll keep me lean and flexible. A day without yoga, for me, is like a day without water.

  5. I have been doing a yoga class once a week for a few years now but would like to be able to do more on my own. This looks like a gem of a book that is a great size and contains lots of poses and sequences for my level. It would be a great book to have and one that would be used regularly no matter if I was at home or on holiday…. well done!

  6. One of my favorite times to practice is after my morning run in the woods.
    Since i use yoga as a cool down this little book looks wonderful for giving me ideas on various routines.

  7. I teach yoga at a gym and at a senior citizen day center and I am always looking for new ways to bring yoga into my students every day lives. Anything that I can use to help myself and be able to pass on would be such a gift.

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