The Guru Question by Mariana Caplan

The Guru QuestionDo you need a guru? If you are a yogi or other Eastern spiritual practitioner you have probably asked yourself this question before. In Mariana Caplan’s newly revised book, she succeeds at helping one decide if a dedicated spiritual mentor and guide is needed. And most importantly, she provides valuable information and guidance for navigating the complex and often troublesome guru-disciple relationship.  She diligently describes and documents the pitfalls that both students and teachers fall into, and gives sage advise on how to avoid the disappointment and disheartenment arising from bad student-teacher relationships.

Caplan also highlights the rewards and importance of having a spiritual guide and she explains her belief that it is almost impossible to become enlightened without a guru’s guidance. Best of all, she gives real world examples based on her own experiences with gurus and draws from interviews from prominent teachers, which are transcribed in the appendix. I highly recommend this book for both teachers and students alike as it is an interesting, informative and fascinating book.

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  1. yoga course Yoga Guru really helps in the practice of yoga. without the help of teacher we cannot learn anything. there is a great lack of teachers because no. of yoga learners is increasing rapidly.

  2. This is something that I’ve always been interested in and wondered about, would love to learn more about this.

  3. I have been told many times that a guru is crucial for spiritual growth. I have struggled to find someone (living or passed) that fits that bill for me. I hope this book can be a good guide.

  4. I have been practicing and teaching for some time and have yet to find a guru. I find so many teachers – past and present – to have so much to offer that choosing just one to study with is difficult. I do believe that when one is ready, the guru appears. However, as a house-holder with a large family, the ability to develop a guru/disciple relationship with a living teacher somewhat out of reach. Especially since the ones I am most touched by live thousands of miles away. As I overthink most things, I am hoping this book will help me to open a little more and accept that guru that appears for me :)

  5. I’ve been wondering about this exact question. I am very new to yoga and meditation; however, found that it is crucial for my busy lifestyle. In my career, I am always helping others. In this process, I’ve realized that I have to help myself to be happy and healthy. I am hoping that this book will guide me through my journey.

  6. this is a deep subject,,but i will share with all of you my experinaces over the years.when i cook for my family i do it with love… when i practice yoga and medatate i do it in the same way with love for the universe i live in. love from my heat makes relationships dear,, and i think it works because i feel it.i have read and heard from gurus and this was what it all boiled down the the Beatle song says ,,, what the world needs now is Love sweat Love.

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