The Key Poses of Hatha Yoga

The Key Poses of Hatha YogaThe second volume in the "Scientific Keys" series of yoga anatomy books is just as impressive as the first with the same style of computer illustrated skeletal models and detailed written information.  The Key Poses of Hatha Yoga describes the anatomy of the body through fifty-five yoga poses, organized by pose type (Standing, Hip Openers, Twists, etc.)  Each yoga posture is given a brief anatomical synopsis and then is broken down into describing each muscle group and its action in the pose.  Each pose is illustrated in multiple angles and close ups, and the color illustrations are color coded to show what muscles are contracting and stretching and to what degree.
This makes it easy to visually see what is happening in each pose without having to read a word of anatomy.  Also included is a great chapter on the physiology and biomechanics of stretching. And the appendix has a guide to the anatomical movements of the body, describing the muscles used and illustrating them in a common yoga pose.  This book would be perfect for someone just starting to learn the anatomy of the body as well as being a great reference for yoga teachers.

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