The Kirtan Kit

This beautifully designed box set contains Two Cds of contemporary and traditional kirtan chants, a 28-page instruction booklet, and other tools for the devotional yogic practice of sanskrit chanting. While the booklet is a great beginner’s guide to the practice of kirtan, it still contains relevant and detailed information for the more experienced practitioner of chanting. This includes how to participate in kirtan (singing, dancing, using instruments), the history of kirtan, information on the mantras, and the words with translations of the songs on the enclosed Cds. The Cds contain a varieity of artists and styles of kirtan, from the popular Krishna Das, to the beautiful Karnamrita, and to other lesser known, yet talented artists. The kit also contains a pair of kartals (Indian hand symbols) to play along with the chants, and beautifully illustrated song cards to use while singing along with the Cds. Overall, this is a well put together package, that would be a treasure to have for both the begining and intermediate chanting practitioner.

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