The Language Of Yoga

If you have ever struggled with the pronunciation of the Sanskrit names and terms used in yoga, then this book and 2-cd set is for you. With the pronunciation of more than 200 yoga postures along with 300 key Sanskrit terms, the Language Of Yoga is a comprehensive and exceptional audio yoga dictionary. The 139-page spiral-bound book provides a text reference to the audio pronunciations with illustrations and definitions of the postures and terms. The program begins with seven common Sanskrit chants and seven primary sutras of Patanjali, and then moves on to a detailed list of Sanskrit words used in yoga. The second half of this program provides an alphabetical A-Y list of hundreds of yoga postures. Sanskrit teacher Nicolai Bachman pronounces the Sanskrit terms on the cds slowly and clearly, syllable by syllable, pronouncing each name twice with a space for you to practice repeating the word.

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