The One Two Three of God

In this 4-Cd audio program Ken Wilber, applies his integral theory to the spiritual world to explain the fundamental nature of God. Through an engaging and humorous interview format, Wilber gives us a philosophical map to incorporate all of our different religious and spiritual conceptions of God. While this sounds impossible, or at the very least incredibly complex, Wilber’s simple framework elegantly weaves our different conceptualizations of God together. The “One Two Three of God” refers to the three primary perspectives with the Divine: first, second, and third person. This manifests as seeing God in mystical, devotional, and objective terms, and having three main relationships to spirit: communion, union, and identity. Many yogic terms and spiritual concepts are used throughout the program, and the discussion of the four stages of spiritual development and how they influence and support the three different perspectives is exceptionally fascinating and illuminating. The program ends with a series of guided mediations to directly experience the three perspectives and different states of spiritual consciousness
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