The Open Road by Pico Iyer

Yoga:  The Greater TraditionThe Open Road is a detailed and candid look into one of the worlds most popular and famous religious teachers, the 14th Dali Lama.  Iyer takes the time to slowly demystify and humanize this man who is often referred to as a living god, showing us the Dali Lama’s humility, humbleness and compassion in numerous public and private encounters.  Iyer has known the spiritual and political leader of Tibet for more than 30 years and describes the many different facets, evolutions and changes that have occurred over the years with the Dali Lama’s teachings, philosophy and personality. 
And while there seems to be somewhat of a friendship between Iyer and
the Dali Lama, Iyer writes from a very impersonal detached point of
view, almost too impersonal, that gives an unbiased and objective
interpretation of his words and actions.  Overall this is a very
comprehensive look at a very powerful public figure, detailing the
struggles, issues and controversies with the Dali Lama and the Tibetan

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