The Yoga of Truth by Peter Marchand

Jnana yoga, the “path of knowledge,” is an intellectual and introspective practice to connect with the inner Divine Self. While this Jnana yoga is considered one of the most difficult of yoga’s practices, The Yoga of Truth gives us an easy start and a clear overview of this path. Marchand begins with a series of clear, straightforward questions that easily expose our ingrained false concepts of reality. With the help of simple reasoning and some basic yogic philosophy, these introspective questions guide us closer and closer to finding our true Self. Even if you are not concerned with attaining enlightenment, The Yoga of Truth will still provide a valuable context and understanding for the “play of life” and the spiritual roles of the ego, mind, intellect and consciousness.
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  1. I have found the Yoga Teachings of Peter Marchand to be very interesting. The reason i say interesting is because if i was not at all interested i would have moved on. Lol. Anyway, I do not call my self a christian though I beleive in Jesus Christs Teachings. However during my studies of the KJV Bible and Many other books and sayings I have come to the conclusion that much and i do mean very, very much has and is hidden from us. I have read The Gospel of Thomas and The Book of Enoch and many other non canon books. Yet after reading all of these book nothing made sense or came together as to say, Until i gave up gave in and wanted nothing more than to just die rather than live in the world as seen by the 5 senses. I was done!!!!!!!!! I layed down and gave up and it was then that i decided to listen to some christian music and in doing so I came across The Hidden Truths of Jesus which brought me to Peter Marchand Yoga Teacher which stated yoga of Jesus. From that point on all the building blocks have fallen into place. I am thankful and very, very happy. I need a Teacher to of course teach me because i am ignorant to a lot only because it has not been taught to me and if i remember correctly how can you learn without a teacher.. I live in Orlando Fl. But I am Moving to Lumberton NC the beginning of January 2016. I am a nurse LPN. I have ruptured discs in my lumbar and cervical spine and i have suffered pain for quit somr time. I started trying to meditate and not focus on the pain as it did not exist. I am happy to say the pain is almost completely gone. If just the little bit of meditation i did has done that much than i want to learn more. Thank you. Give honor where honor is due. Much HONOR!!!!!!!!!!

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