The Yoga Practice Guide

yoga practice guideAn excellent resource for the sequencing of yoga postures, this large-format spiral-bound book is divided into 5 levels of sequences: beginner, intermediate, intermediate/advanced, advanced and restorative. Each of the sequences have an easy to follow format of simple black and white drawings in long rows, which are beautifully illustrated.With simple outlines so you can see the pose clearly, and with just the right amount of details to see the expression and action of the pose within the body, these illustrations strike the perfect balance of clarity and detail.

The book starts with six modular sequences and four namaskara sequences to be used as interchangeable blocks that can be combined and/or added to other sequences to meet your current needs of depth, time and challenge. The restorative and chair yoga sequences could have been developed a bit further, but still create a well-rounded ending to the book. While the primary intention of this work was to be a home practice guide, this book also serves as a great resource for yoga teachers both for inspiration and for a deeper understanding of how to sequence poses.

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  1. Got the book in before the storm and really enjoyed reviewing it while the lights were out and look forward to using the sequences when the gym I teach at has power again!!

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