The Yoga Sutras by Nicolai Bachman

This seven Cd and spiral bound book set gives a comprehensive teaching of the philosophy described in Patajali’s Yoga Sutras. While not commenting on the entirety of the Yoga Sutras, Bachman’s explanations of fifty-one core concepts creates a solid foundation for insight and further study.  Bachman has arranged the discussion of these yogic concepts to build one on top of another, letting you slowly gain comprehension and an understanding of the interconnection of the philosophy and techniques of the Sutras.
 While this is a very nontraditional teaching of this classic yogic text, I found that it was much more interesting and engaging than other commentaries, especially the contemplation questions at the end of each chapter. I found that reading the chapters first gave me a basic understanding of the philosophical concepts, and when I listened to the Cd tracks it reviewed and deepened my learning and understanding with the additional spoken information.  Each chapter lists the Cd track session so it is easy to go back and forth between reading the text and listening to the audio. The last Cd and the last chapter of the book guides you in chanting the Yoga Sutras in the original Sanskrit language.

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  1. It’s wonderful to have access to another expression of the Yoga Sutra. That many feel expresses the essence of yoga.


  2. Hi is there another format? I am planning to study this course at home (Ireland!)this year but do not have a CD player or a PC that has a slot!

    Many thanks ?

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