Viniyoga Therapy for Depression

This video program is an excellent resource for those who suffer from mild to moderate depression. The DVD is full of great content, and the main menu is organized into two sections: Lectures and Practices. The lectures are very well done, and they explain the neurological and psychological origins of depression and how yoga therapy (including breathing, chanting and mediation) can be used to treat this disease. There are two yoga sessions in the practice section: Physiological Rebalancing (51 minutes) and Shifting Mood and Self-Concept (38 minutes).

Both practices contain similar flowing poses, combine movement with the
rhythm of the breath, and are suitable for beginning yoga students.
The second practice also combines simple Sanskrit chanting with
movement and breath. The production and filming is well-done and very
professional. There is no music to accompany these practices which may
be a turnoff for some, but I did not feel that this took away from the
program. As a cool bonus, the DVD contains audio MP3s of the practice
sessions to give you a more portable option for practicing.

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