Weekly Yoga Planner

To help you with renewed efforts to practice yoga in the new year we have created a Weekly Yoga Planner for you to print and use.  You can use this yoga planner as a guide for the following:
• Schedule your yoga practices and classes.
• Document your intentions, goals, and reflections.
• Keep track of your progress.

[am4show have=’p1;p2;p4;’ guest_error=’Premo’ user_error=’Upgrade’ ] Download at: http://www.yogabasics.com/downloads/WeeklyYogaPlan.pdf

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  1. ajlo3 ”“ Sorry about that… the link is now fixed and you should be able to download!

  2. Namaste, i tried to down load the planner it goes to a page that reads 404 .. ?? i have paid for my membership. Any suggestions?


    1. Hi Sequoia, I’ve fixed the link, so please give it another try. Thanks for letting me know about this!

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